DFHC Waiver & Code of Conduct Agreement

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VOLUNTARY RELEASE-WAIVER-ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND FULL INDEMNITY AGREEMENT   The participant here on in later requests and is granted the revocable permission to enter upon the premises of Denver Field Hockey Club (DFHC) to participate as a player or a coach in said field hockey games conducted within any venue used by Denver Field Hockey Club. Said entry shall herein after be referred to as "revocable permissive entry'. In consideration of the "revocable permissive entry", onto the premises of any venue used by the Denver Field Hockey Club the participant of himself/herself, all personal representatives’ executors, executrixes, heirs’ next of kin, spouse, and assigns do hereby agree as follows: I do hereby FULLY RELEASE, FULLY WAIVE. FULLY DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE, the operators or DFHC, its directors, managers, attorneys, (hereinafter collectively referred to as "releasees") and each of them, from any and all claims, and/or the ordinary negligence of released, and/or the strict liability, and/or the negligence of any third party or participant, which causes the undersigned injury, death, personal injury, bodily injury, property damages, or any other type or kind of injury, and/or loss, and/or damages. The undersigned hereby covenants to hold "releasees" harmless from and to fully indemnify "releasees" for any type or kind of damages, judgments, awards, or related expenses (including but not limited to releasees' attorney fees and court costs) that” releasees may incur as a result of the participation of the undersigned in activity, and/or game, /or match, and/or leagues, conducted within DFHC on Glendale Infinity Park (Glendale City), Parker Parks and Recreation, and Denver University premises at any time. The participant verifies that he/she is physically fit and sufficiently trained to play and compete in DFHC games, and that the undersigned's physical condition for participation in DFHC games, and other activities has been verified by a licensed medical doctor during the last six months. The undersigned verifies that he/she has and shall maintain sufficient medical insurance to cover any and aII medical, expenses that may arise from the undersigned's participation in the DFHC clinics, or other activities and undersigned does not, and shall not rely upon or look towards DFHC and/or the" releasees". The participant ACKNOWLEDGES that there is INHERENT DANGER in the participation in any and all field hockey games, which the undersigned appreciates and voluntarily assumes. THE PARTICIPANT VOLUNTARILY ELECTS TO ACCEPT ALL RISKS CONNECTED WITII HIS/HER PARTICIPATION IN ALL FIELD HOCKEY ACTIVITIES, AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. THE PARTICIPANT HAS READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY AND FULLY UNDERSTANDS EACH AND ALL OF ITS TERMs. THE PARTICIPANT UNDERSTANDS THAT IT IS A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS. THE PARTICIPANT UNDERSTANDS THAT HE/SHE ASSUMES ALL RISKS INHERENT IN ALL FIELD HOCKEY PARTICIPATION. THE PARTICIPANT BY REGISTERING FOR A DFHC PROGRAM AND AGREEING TO THIS WAIVER EVIDENCES HIS/HER ACCEPTANCE OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS. This Voluntary Release-Waiver-Assumption of Risk and Full Indemnity Agreement shall be in full force effect at all times during the participation in the DFHC activities of any kind or nature and for whatever period of the time the participant participates said activities, either continuously or form time to time as the case may be. Additional policies can be found here: https://www.denverfieldhockeyclub.com/policies/

Code of Conduct

Purpose: The Denver Field Hockey Club (DFHC) Code of Conduct is designed to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the sport of field hockey. It is intended to outline standards of behavior and offer broad expectations DFHC members and guests can have at any DFHC event.   This Code is based on the premise that participation in programs of DFHC conducted at any site is a privilege. Participants are guests of the site and are obligated to abide by its rules. DFHC is responsible to these sites to insure the proper conduct of participants in DFHC programs. The program leaders shall have the authority to take disciplinary action in case of violations of this Code. RULES: 1. Participation in all DFHC activities carries the expectation of the highest standards of behavior. The following are considered violations of the Code. Violations include but are not limited to: a. Unsportsmanlike conduct (see DFHC bylaws for more detailed descriptions and information) b. Inappropriate horseplay or other misbehavior, which physically endangers any person or property c. Any act considered to be an offense under federal, state, local laws d. Vandalism, damaging of property, unauthorized use of equipment or property, or theft 2. Those participants perpetuating the damage will pay to repair any physical damage to the facility. 3. There will be no possession of alcoholic beverages at the host site by anyone under the legal drinking age; or anyone if prohibited by the host site. 4. There will be no possession or use of any banned substance under the US Drug Enforcement Administration. CONSEQUENCES:  Persons present while any violation of the Code of Conduct occurs must leave the area immediately or be considered a participant by choice. Any person observing or having knowledge of any activity which may result in serious bodily harm to a program participant must immediately report such activity to a member of the staff. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in: 1. Immediate suspension of participation privileges to be determined by the representative member(s) of the DFHC Board present at the event 2. A written report submitted to the DFHC Board for further action 3. Monetary fee, suspension or revocation of participation privileges 4. Responsibility for property loss being liable to pay all replacement/repair costs 5. Expulsion from the program (travel costs not reimbursed, no refund of payment made for program) 6. Loss of opportunity to participate in future programs conducted under the auspices of the DFHC PROCESS: 1. All Code violations shall be reported as soon as possible to the DFHC Board 2. Upon notification of a code violation, the DFHC Board may hold a hearing with the participants involved. 3. The board shall have the authority to enforce any of the above listed consequences, notifying the participant within at least 24 hours of the hearing 4. The participant shall have the right to appeal a decision by the DFHC Board in accordance with the bylaws of DFHC. Additional DFHC policies can be found here: https://www.denverfieldhockeyclub.com/policies/ ALL DFHC MEMBERS MUST READ AND AGREE TO THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE PARTICIPATION IN CLUB PROGRAMS
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